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There is no “one size fits all” model for addiction treatment. We pride ourselves on treating our patients as individuals — building personalized treatment plans tailored to their specific needs in recovery. We also treat the whole person, both mind and body, to foster a complete and permanent recovery from the drug-caused damage that keeps you craving and dependent on opioids. Our goal is to help you get off drugs entirely in the shortest period possible with no misery.

Our Telemedicine Suboxone Treatment Program

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How it works

We understand it can be hard for some of our patients to regularly – and discreetly – come in for opioid addiction treatment at our Dallas Suboxone Clinic. That’s why we provide a virtual telemedicine treatment option. From your initial visit to your regular check-ins, each appointment is conducted via FaceTime, a private and HIPAA-compliant communication tool that allows you to connect with your Suboxone doctor from virtually anywhere.

During each telemedicine treatment, we will review the effectiveness of your suboxone treatment plan, assess and manage your symptoms, and update your prescription. As we work together toward long-term sobriety, we will also focus on discussing the core influences and support systems in your life and help you gradually taper off Suboxone in the safest way possible.

Confidential, Convenient & Effective

At Dallas Suboxone Doctor, we believe that telemedicine is a great option for all patients and is especially beneficial for the working man, woman, and those with family responsibilities. There’s no transportation needed, no waiting rooms, no urine/blood screens or cost for lab work, and there is no confidentiality concerns with being seen coming in or out of a Suboxone clinic.

Most importantly, there is no difference in the quality of care you will receive in our telemedicine program because we are able to assess the efficacy of treatment the same way we would if you were physically in our office. Combined with our hormone therapy treatment, which helps you wean off Suboxone, we can offer truly comprehensive care that’s discreet and convenient.

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Get a Suboxone® Prescription for
opioid Addiction Recovery in 3 Simple Steps:

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Schedule Telemedicine Appointment

Same/next day appointments available with no initial in-person consultation needed to get started. Click below to book your private telemedicine appointment today!

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Meet with your Doctor Virtually

Connect with Dr. Morris using our discreet telemedicine technology to build your individualized recovery plan and discuss how to taper successfully in 18 months or less.

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Start Suboxone Treatment

Following your initial telemedicine appointment with Dr. Morris, you can pick up your Suboxone prescription same day at the pharmacy of your choice.

Patients Testimonials

I am the parent of the patient. This has been the most positive treatment we have been able to find in 8 years of searching. I think in part is because it is a positive relationship and the path with hope you set out for my son. The no wait, on time, in and out appointments are appreciated as well. In the past, the treatment was a guilt trip and a grind and when I look back it may have been counter-productive.

From my experience, Dr. Morris is the only doctor in Texas that actually wants to help me! Some doctors make it so hard, and I just want to say thank you for making it easier to help make my life became better!

Quality oozes from your website and the pre-visit attention to detail in the new client forms. Excellent customer service conveyed by staff on the phone and in emails. The wait time was surprisingly minimal for returned phone calls after leaving a voicemail. I am excited to have my 1st appointment because these characteristics often reflect the culture created from the top!

Staff is awesome. Dallera is a great listener and I feel she truly cares about me and the care I am being given. Can’t say enough good things about Dallas Suboxone Doctor.

Why Our Program Works For You

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When you’re ready to take the bold steps toward recovery — we make sure our availability is a priority! Our goal is to see you within 24 hours using our telemedicine video platform, allowing you to connect with your doctor virtually from the convenience of your own home. Our practice was built on a foundation of total anonymity, which is why we also go to great lengths to ensure your visits are always confidential and discreet.
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You’re not alone. There is no place for fault, blame, or judgment during recovery — we have only the utmost respect and empathy for our patients for bravely seeking the help they deserve. The truth is — it takes a lot of strength and courage to make the first step. Our only concerns are helping you take your life back and supporting you throughout your recovery, once you do.

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We treat you, not just your addiction

There is no “one size fits all” model for addiction treatment, and we understand that each patient has a unique history and set of personal goals. That’s why we pride ourselves on treating our patients as individuals – building personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs in recovery. And while we’ve found that no two patients are the same, there is the same result waiting on the other side of our program: life-long sobriety.

About our practice

Our practice is led by Dr. Jerry Morris, who has over 40 years of experience in the medical arena and specializes in medication-assisted opioid treatment. Dr. Morris’ expertise and compassion in treating addiction allows us to provide our patients with comprehensive recovery and wellness plans.

At Dallas Suboxone Doctor, we specialize in confidential, personalized outpatient treatment of opioid dependence. Our treatment allows our patients to avoid severe withdrawal symptoms and helps provide immediate comfort while tapering off narcotics. Our controlled environment allows you to function normally in your everyday life as we work together towards reaching your ultimate goals.

If your are motivated to take your life back from the grip of addiction, our program is a perfect fit to help you with each step of your recovery. Start feeling better by taking the first step today — request an appointment online or give us a call today!


Suboxone® is a medication that treats opiate addiction and is FDA approved. It is made up of buprenorphine (a partial-agonist with limited opioid effect) and naloxone (an opioid antagonist that reverses the effect of opioids). Suboxone® is administered as a sublingual film and helps eliminate cravings and withdrawal symptoms so that you can think and function normally. Our skilled doctors will evaluate your medical condition and history to determine if Suboxone® is the right course of treatment for you.

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